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diruthemes's Journal

Dir en grey graphics themes challenge.
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Welcome to the graphic challenge community dedicated to Dir en grey J-rock band.

1. You can claim any of the 5 members after
joining the community, even if someone else claimed it before you, maximum claims are two members.
2. You dont have to post all the icons in one go.
3. All the icons should be under LJ-cut, only three teasers will be out of the cut.
4. Please make new graphics for this challenge, dont use old graphics, because we want to see new works, also please try your best with the graphics, it would be nice if you do some effect not just crop the pic and write some words on it ^^;
5. Try to write only in english. Also all the comment should be in english.
6. There will be themes for the
icons and random graphics, waiting for you to be claimed.
7. If you want to join the icons challenge
click here
8. If you want to join the random graphics challenge please read here.
9. If you've completed the challenge successfully drop me comment
here you will be awarded with a banner.
10. Want to ask me something you can write me in this
11. Want to become an affiliate? Comment

[x] When you make the icons and want to post them, you can use this icons table generator by 77words or use this icons table code by namida_no_uta


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